Responsibilities at home

Device ownership:
Understand who owns the device – you or your daughter? If your child owns it, agree on their responsibilities for taking care of it throughout the year.

Caroline Chisholm College requires that devices need to come to school fully charged. Introduce a charging zone at home.

Understand how these will be managed and if there is a warranty with the device.

Ensure you understand the associated insurance policy and what your are liable to pay if your child loses or breaks the device.

Consider a code of conduct with your child:
Caroline Chisholm has an Acceptable Use Policy for your child. Make sure you read, understand and implement it.

Make your child aware of what is appropriate:
Your child will have access to devices away from your supervision, so if you have rules for home use and accessing content, reiterate that the same rules apply in school.

Install security software such as Sophos (provided by the school) which gives protection to Windows devices.