School Antivirus


The College will provide Sophos Antivirus for all Windows Devices.




A classic antivirus for your mac will make your computer slow because of the real time protection, Apple updates offer all the protection you need for viruses. But for the newer types of threats like adware or malware you need to run software like Malwarebytes Anti Malware once in a while or every time you detect something funny on you browser.


The Chromebook is based on Linux but is implemented in such a way that it is very hard to install anything that would compromise your device. Your Chromebook in the default state allows you to really only use web applications and therefore the applications you use are as safe as the site that they are stored on. Turn off your computer and turn it on again and it will work exactly as it did before. If anything goes wrong with your Chromebook it is very easy to reset it to the default factory settings and continue where you left off.